Reverse Logistics

Polar International assists clients  with the reverse flow of their products with our reverse logistics service. We organise, control, administer and manage the transportation and logistics of the clients goods during the reverse flow delivery process. 

Our reverse logistics service will help clients businesses to meet the increasingly stringent demands of legislation while minimising their environmental impact. 

Polar will help to  design, plan and implement a reverse supply chain that supports the clients profit goals and maximises their assets’ value. Reverse logistics in partnership with Polar will bring exacting management, resources, and technology required to increase control and asset recovery, improve information management and save administrative time. Whether we're handling your product returns to help you recapture value or managing your recycling processes to help you safely dispose of your goods, we'll provide a cost saving and smooth experience for the clients business.

Our service includes:

  • De-installation of finished goods at the customer's site.
  • Returns management including receiving, sorting, verifying and management of returned products.
  • Express delivery and exchange of 'dead on arrival' products.

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