Live Tracking

Tracking & Fleet Management

A tracking device has been installed in all trucks. This device acts a “Black box” containing a wealth of information about the journey of the truck and it’s exact location etc. Using GPS and GPRS technology, vehicles can be tracked via the internet, day or night from anywhere in the world! Trucks and deliveries can be located at the touch of a button. This system enables us to provide accurate and precise delivery times. We can monitor driver hours and download driver hours remotely to help us meet our compliance requirements.

Temperature Tracking

All our refrigerated trailers are fitted with state of the art thermo king tracking systems. GPS and GPRS technology is used and linked with the refrigeration unit’s microprocessor controller. We can monitor the temperature of your goods at any time and have the ability to interact with the cooling unit via remote control at our back office. We provide temperature alerts for any goods that go out of range and we compliment this with our 24hr temperature control tower that monitors the temperature of our loads. This enables real-time information about the trailer to be available i.e. location and status, and provides peace of mine for all our customers that we can look after your goods.

Temperature Controlled fridges are fitted with an external VDU which can be seen by the driver in the wing mirror. This enables the driver to constantly monitor the fridge temperatures whilst driving to take necessary action if any deviations are noticed.

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